Flexible access to
automation specialists

Flexible access to
automation specialists


Automation is getting more widespread. This is also the case in relation to the requirement for a flexible access to automation specialists

Our hiring solutions give you the opportunity to adjust staff up and down regarding your projects and your load cycles.

We are experienced in providing technician specialists for large long term projects

Provided that you can identify your own capacity and your requirements for additional capacity, we can provide you with the proper automation specialists who will arrive at your address and be part of your team in connection with projects concerning restructuring, new production facilities, start-up of engines, overhaul of existing facilities and much more.

Choosing us as your business partner enables you to “set the proper team” and be certain that you have the skills needed for the automation field anytime.


1. Your company sends us a requirement specification
2. We create a list with suitable specialists
3. You review the list and choose the specialists you wish to use
4. We will send a ‘Company user agreement’ ready to be signed
5. The specialists chosen will start in your project