TechLab is an opportunity free of charge for you as a TechSupply employee, in developing and testing your own ideas in your spare time

In TechLab you can try out your own ideas and try out things you find interesting. You can use our workshops in your spare time when you feel inspired.

In addition to the workshop facilities, we will assist you with knowhow about market, patent, techniques and financing etc. Furthermore, we will assist you with an experienced Advisory board for those of your ideas that are commercially sustainable.

Contact us if you have a great idea and want to become a part of our team

current projects

Makes fresh water and clean energy a reality for everyone

Zemmler Siebanlagen GmbH is a manufacturer of mobile and stationary double trommel screening machines

Conveyour components developed for the Food Industry

Ellegaard Cubelink video

Mobile water purification
Solar Water

Recycling of all types of plastic

The trommel is constructed to screen three fractions in just one working stage