about us

TechSupply is jointly owned by Ellegaard components, Skarby stainless assembly and CVforum

Together, we represent more than 30 years of experience in staffing and implementing technical projects in industry.

It is our vision to be known as a professional provider of engineers and technicians for automation projects in the Life Science industry. This in addition to being an attractive workplace.

This obliges us to put up effort in the performance of our daily work. It also calls for effective teamwork and efficient resource utilization.

Furthermore, it obliges us to dare to strive high, to excel at something, to be capable of doing something and brave to achieve something.

In terms of how we operate, we believe it would be better to be perceived as a little “nerdy” than colourless. We put this into reality, for instance, by enjoying the work we do, being immersed and concentrated on our tasks, creating value through our efforts and being the ones who go a few steps further in achieving the desired result.

We aim to be an attractive workplace with a focus on social responsibility. This means, among other things, that our employees are employed on good terms, and we have a goal of well-being and security in everyday life.

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